rules and regulations

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly stays

Surfside RV & Resort wishes to maintain a clean, quiet, and comfortable environment for travelers and/or on extended stays. Please review our rules and guidelines with all family members and guests.

rented rv’s cannot be delivered to the park. all rental rv’s must be towed or driven into the park by the person renting the rv site. tow vehicles must remain with the rv.

restrooms, laundry, vehicle washing

RESTROOMS ARE LOCKED AT ALL TIMES FOR YOUR SECURITY. Guests will be given a bathroom code upon checking into the park, or one will be left in your after hours envelope. Please lock after using. Please report any problems to the office.

Laundry machines are located in the bathhouse building and it’s open 24 hours a day. A change machine is available in the bath house.

Washing RV (by customer): $10 charge
Washing Auto (by customer): $5 charge.

The following guidelines are to ensure a safe and pleasant visit for all:

  • 5 MPH Speed Limit.  This will be be strictly enforced
  • All facilities provided for the use of registered quests only
  • Overnight guests must register and pay in advance. All other guests must register at the office and leave park by 10:00 P.M. Guests cannot attain a parking permit if the registered guest already has two permits
  • Owner reserves the right to limit stay and number of persons per site
  • Use the showers located at the pool to rinse off beach sand before swimming
  • Keep restrooms clean and orderly. No laundry or dishwashing.  Personal Hygiene Only
  • All sewer hookups must have an elbow, or seal
  • Door mats only. No yard carpets
  • Keep your campsite litter free, including cigarettes
  • Public intoxication will not be tolerated
  • Night owls and early birds: Quiet hours 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in restrooms and main building
  • Bikes, scooters, tricycles, etc., are to be ridden on roadways only. Riding bikes or skateboards on sidewalks or in front of building doors is not allowed.
  • Campfires in grills only. Extinguish with water after cooking. Dispose of BBQ ash in trash can only! Dumping fish in the dumpster is prohibited
  • Do not park on grass or block roadways. Vehicles that do not fit within site and all guests must park in spillover parking area
  • All buildings are smoke free. When smoking outdoors, please dispose of cigarette butts properly
  • Bikes, scooters, tricycles, etc., are not be be ridden in the park by children 14 and younger after dark
  • Sidewalk chalk is not allowed on any surfaces at Surfside RV.
  • All music, media, and conversations are to be kept a reasonable volume AT ALL TIMES.
  • No parking, utilizing, or congregating allowed in empty sites.
  • Any group activities involving 8 or more people must be approved by management. An area for the group activity will be assigned accordingly.
  • All firepits and grills must be charcoal, gas or pellets. No wood burning fires allowed on property.
  • No flown flags, yard décor, or other public display that may be deemed vulgar or
    inappropriate. This rule applies to any flags flown via vehicle, golf cart, RV, or on – site.



Pool Rules

  • Pool hours are 10am – 10pm
  • No pets allowed inside pool area
  • Hot tub hours: 5-10 PM 
  • Must be at least 14 years of age to use hot tub,  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Non-potty trained toddlers or babies must wear a swim diaper
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING inside pool area
  • Must be at least 14 years of age to be in pool area without parent
  • Keep pool area litter free
  • No Life Guard on duty
  • No jumping into pool
  • No diving into pool
  • No food in pool area
  • No glass in pool area
  • Please do not feed the birds

Golf Cart Rules

  • Park Quiet time is 10pm – 8am. No joy riding is allowed in the park!
  • No parking or driving carts on grass/yards!
  • Golf carts require a Surfside RV parking pass be displayed. Tape is provided on the orange picnic tables in front of the office door
  • Only licensed drivers may operate any golf cart or motorized vehicle in park!
  • No driving through any site not in use. Must stay on roads!
  • All rented, or personally owned golf carts must have a current year City of Port Aransas license plate
  • All rented, or personally owned golf carts must be insured to be driven at Surfside RV
  • Electric golf carts are not allowed

Pet Policy

Well mannered pets are welcome at Surfside RV & Resort. We allow a maximum two pets per site. However, NO PETS are allowed at any time in the buildings. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and can not be left unattended. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets. In consideration of others, excessive barking will not be permitted). No aggressive pets – NO EXCEPTION.

Pets are Welcomed when…

  • They are not left unattended while outside your rig.
  • ALL Pets must be on Leash – AT ALL TIMES.
  • They are IMMEDIATELY cleaned up after. They poop – you scoop!
  • They are not, regardless of size allowed in shower area or pool area.

Please don`t let pets wander, roam, and/or relieve themselves in any RV site yard other than your own.

Any disregard of pet rules is subject to being asked to leave with no refunds.

Due to insurance restrictions, the following dog breeds are not allowed in the park unless prior approval is sought via management:  

Pit Bulls also known as (Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Bull Dog), Bull Mastiff, Doberman, Rottweiler, Chow, Wolf Hybrids, Boxer, Husky, German Shepherd, and Malamute. Aggressive dogs of any breed or size or other aggressive pets are not allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS!!